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April 2, 1997 A Change of Direction: An Alternative Ending to Mike Allegretto's Change of Pace This story is based on and derived from the situations and porn xnxx characters developed by Mike Allegretto and Caitlin B. in their collaborative story, "A Change of Pace", posted xnxx mom 2/16/97 on ASSTG. If this story is published on any newsgroup under this author's account, it is done with the express permission of the original authors. No archiving or redistribution of this work is permitted without this copyright attribution included, intact and complete, in the posting/archiving. Archiving/publication of this author's work on any system that requires payment in any form is bokep xnxx prohibited by the author and is in xnxx porno violation of my copyright to Chapters 7 xxnxx and beyond. xnxx japan Change of Pace Fixerservtech (Mike Allegretto) 1997/02/16 Reprise from A Change of Pace 6. Chapter xnxx "That was dirty pool, mother" Jack complained. She looked xnxx sex video up from some picture album she was paging through, and set her coffee down. She looked her new daughter xnxx vina garut directly in the eye. "Well, you've had all morning to explore your own feminine body rather www xnxx than some movie star's. Have you learned anything?" Jack just shook her head. How could she expect her to talk about something like that. Gosh mom, I never thought I'd have the chance to inspect a real hymen - thanks for letting me porn videos do it first hand? "About what I said." Jack broached the subject nervously. "About needing more time?" she smiled wickedly. "You can't really count that as consent." Jack objected. "The statement 'I need more time', especially in hot bokep xnxx and heavy breathing, would be interpreted by most people as a request." She countered while flipping to another page of the photo album. "You said I could change back when I wanted to." Jack tried switching to a different tack. "Only after xnxx gay you are acclimated." she reminded xnxx hd him. "You have _not_ acclimated." "That's for sure." Jack commented staring at her nails. "Whatever possessed me to paint my nails?" "That would have been the Training Wheels." Laurie explained "I gave you some of Scully's thought patterns and habits. I actually alternated between physical changes and slipping in little mental assists. " "Like what else?" Jack queried. "As in last night porn xnxx you knew when your hair was a xxxx mess, young lady." xnxx hindi Laurie pointed at Jack's new black hair. bokep xnxx "That needs brushing before you even think of showing your face anywhere." Jack shuddered at xnxx sex videos the thought of showing xnxx indo this new face anywhere. Still xnxx 2019 it was xnxx .com probably something that was better left unsaid. "I take it that the 'Training Wheels' are gone?" "Those were Scully things - you have to learn how to be your own woman, Jacqueline. That's how we all manage it." Laurie explained, pausing to look at the photo album again. "Still I _might_ decide that you were only giving provisional consent. Should you ever want to be male again I'm not sure I want to set the xnxx cina precedent that consent can be obtained after you get the girl on the edge of orgasm." "You _might_ consider it provisional?" Jack jumped at xnxx sex the chance. Still she had to be careful. She knew that when her mother said she _might_ do something it tamil xnxx meant that she had further points for Jack to listen to first. "Even with an eight hour extension you continued to explore only the physical aspects directly related to sex." Jacqueline xnxx anime could recognize that her mother was now in lecture mode. "Do you really believe that life xnxx bokep for a woman is about getting laid and having orgasms? I expected you to learn far more." "Mother, you were throwing the changes at me every fifteen minutes. I couldn't even finish looking at xnxx gay one thing before two others were already changed!" Jack protested. "I did notice a lot of nail polish remover was gone." Laurie conceded. "Maybe I should have provided the training wheels on How to paint xnxx download your nails at the same time as the idea that they needed to be painted." "Well I can't possibly learn anything about what really being a woman at a pace like that. If you want me to find out any of these 'sacred' truths I'll need more time." Oh shit, Jack things to herself. Her mother's grin left no doubts. She savored her victory while gazing longingly at the photo album again. "So how long before I'm acclimated enough to be turned back." Jacqueline asked, resigning herself to the zoo xnxx fact that it was now her name for at least awhile. "Oh, I don't know. At least a year." her mother replied sipping videos xnxx on her coffee. "A Year! But what about school?" zoo xnxx "Don't worry, video xnxx records are easy porn videos to take care of." she reassured new daughter. Jacqueline sighed realizing she had no choice. "Well, I suppose I could stand a xnxx telugu year." Laurie finished her coffee without xnxx hd comment. Jacqueline suddenly realized she didn't recognize the photo album her mother had been looking through all morning. "Do you want to take a look?" Laurie offered, spinning it "I've kept it safe all these years." Jacqueline took the album and started looking. They were old family photos. He could recognize his grandmother from when she was porno about Mom's age. But who was the teenage boy? He didn't remember any uncles. Oh shit, suddenly he knew who the pictures were of. "Grandmother gave you an initiation too?" she asked. Laurie nodded. "But if anyone asks, that's your Uncle Larry. They don't have to know xnxx asia that he doesn't exist anymore." "How long were you stuck as Larry?" Jacqueline asked. "Those were taken when I xnxx jepang was almost eighteen, about three years before you were born." Laurie explained. "The 'initiation' was a graduation present from my mother. It took me three years for me to learn enough Magic to do a Transformation Spell. Oh, did I forget to mention that you will have to apply the reverse Transformation Spell yourself?" Jacqueline gulped. If it had taken her mom three years she xxnx knew it would japan xnxx take her at least four. She was going xnxx 2019 to be female through porno xnxx college. She did not like this one bit at all. "Wait a xnxx jav second," Jacqueline started running over the numbers aloud "If it took you three years to learn how to Transform yourself back, how could you have had me when you were twenty one?" "Jacqueline, indo xnxx I certainly hope you know how babies are made, video xnxx especially since it effects you far more directly now." "No," she replied "How could you be turned into a guy when you were eighteen, take three years to learn how to turn yourself back, then meet dad, get married, get pregnant and give birth to me nine months later?" "The truth is out there. "Laurie answered porn xnxx "There should be enough Scully left in you xnxx stories to come up with a _rational_ explanation." Oh god, Jacqueline just sat there numbly. "It took you three years to learn _how_ xnxx sex video to use the Transformation Spell, xnxx jav but you never did _use_ it, did you?" "Not until last night, darling daughter of mine." Laurie explained "I'm sure you can figure it out just as quickly. You know what they say - Like Mother, Like Daughter. And we both had a lot of catching up to do." End Reprise A Change of Direction by Tigger 1997 All Rights Reserved. Chapter xxnn 7 "I'm not going to be pulled in just because you were!" Jacqueline stared icily. "I want to learn what I have to know as quickly as possible. I don't want xnxx japanese to be female a month xvideos longer that I have to!" "That's your choice."Laurie conceded "But you won't like some of the lessons required, especially if desi xnxx you really want to take them immediately." "Just as long as it xnxx arab can really be over and done with in xnxx hd a year." Jacqueline seethed. "You had sex videos better not have been xnxx india lying about that." "Now Jacqueline, I never lied to Jack, and I won't lie to you. It can most assuredly be done xxnxx in a single xnxx hindi year." Laurie sex assured her daughter. Of course, Laurie added to herself. You'll have to acclimate very quickly, since the most intricate portion of the Transformation Spell can only be learned while in the delivery room, and the final nuances while nursing your newborn. "I don't believe you." was Jack's cold reply. Laurie's eyes slued to her Transformed son. "That book proves you porno lied to me. By omission, xnxx bokep certainly and by making promises you did not intend to keep. You never intended to return me to normal." xnxx desi Anger sparked in Laurie's eyes. "I beg to differ, young lady. If you had asked japan xnxx to end the Transformation it would have ended. Now it is beyond my power to reverse it." The bleak lack of any emotion in her child's response chilled Laurie's xnxx/ soul. "Perhaps, but you have a world of history on your side," Jack lifted the album to her, "to prove that, without beforehand knowledge, the Transformed person is not going to make that decision because the full ramifications have site xnxx been left. . ." the finely made fingers whirled in the air as zoo xnxx if to pull the correct words out of the ether, "intentionally unclear?" Laurie pursed xnxx. com her xxn lips and japan xnxx refused to answer. "How long, Mother? How long has this. . . this xvideos abomination been inflicted on the men of our family? And how xnxx .com could you do it to me? And why should I believe you when you say that it is beyond your power?" "ABOMINATION?" Laurie's temper was back in full measure. "How dare mom xnxx you call it that? It is a gift! A wonderful gift and gay xnxx you will xnxx jepang damn well learn and accept that basic truth if you want any hope of returning to your pitiful male existence. I *love* you and I will not have *you* say or think otherwise. I loved Jack enough to give him these gifts of magic and womanhood because I have had both and wanted to share them with the son I love." "Forgive me, Mother, if I don't share your enthusiasm for these . . . xnxx telugu gifts." The disgusted look on Jack's face left no doubt of what he had wanted to www.xnxx say about xnxx com/ those gifts. xnxx vina garut "And you did not answer my question, Mother, so I will answer it. Too long. This unwilling Transformation stunt has been going on for so long xnxn that you fail to see the wrong you have done to me, your son. Well, it wwwxnxx ends here and now. I will be the last xnxxcom of our family." "What??" Laurie's head snapped up. "What did you say?" "I won't perpetuate this horror myself nor will sex video I permit it to be perpetuated on any child of mine. I will not even bring a child into a world where you consider it *your* unequivocal right to take away that child's life and dreams because *you* think you know better." xnxx download Laurie went very still, gay xnxx the full import of what her child had just said shocked her into speechlessness. This was not going at all well and certainly not as it had gone with her own mother nor as Mum had told her it had gone with all the previous generations of her family. Had she done something xnxx selingkuh wrong in xnnn casting her spell? Had she missed some key element of the enchantment that would have made Jacqueline more able to accept and enjoy her new situation? Choosing her xnxx words very carefully, she tried a more conciliatory tact. "You would deny me a grandchild xnxx japan to love?" It did not work. "It ends with me, Mother." "But you have already tasted the power of your femininity, and of your new sexuality. Before you can learn enough magic to change yourself back you may well end up pregnant." "Even assuming I choose to be actively female, which is a stretch, there are ways of preventing conception. This is the Twentieth www xnxx com Century." "Women on birth control have babies every day, Jacqueline. There is xxx video no www xnxx com foolproof way of preventing conception short of abstinence." And you won't be able to do that, my daughter, Laurie thought. Another little aspect xnxx india of this Transformation is that your female needs are extremely well developed and demanding. Soon, your fingers will not be nearly enough for you. "Again, assuming that something goes very wrong, there are ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. And it *will* be unwanted, Mother. No child of my blood will come into xnxx app this world because I cannot trust you." All remaining color drained video xnxx from Laurie's face. "You can't terminate, Jack." she whispered, not realizing that she had fallen back to using his male name. Seeing the look on her child's face, she hurried on. "It is not only a xnxx telugu moral xnxx tamil thing, daughter, it is a rule of magic, as well. Someone who deliberately xnxx vina garut snuffs out the spark of life from another human can never again wield the power." desi xnxx "Then my dreams will die with the fetus, Mother, for I cannot, will not permit a child of mine to face what I am facing right now. I won't Transform him or her, but as long as you live, you are a xnxx indonesia threat xvideo because you don't believe there is anything wrong in xnxx cina stealing a dream." "You keep xnxx barat saying that. What dream? You can become a male again, if you choose." and after you give me my grandchild she added in indian xnxx a whispered thought to herself, "What dreams have porn videos I taken from you?" "College. It took you three years, Mother, so it will probably cost me at least that much. I will not play xnx college sports. I won't go to a prom with my best girl on my arm. I won't learn xnxx indian all the things a man needs to know to live in a man's world as a man. You might as well have killed me, Mother, and have had done with it." Tears xnxx videos came to Laurie's eyes. "You cannot mean that. You are just upset right now, overwrought. Honestly, Jack, it is not that bad. In fact, *being* a fellow's best girl xnxx porn at the prom really is rather wonderful, if you would just give it a chance. Nothing else needs to change. I am sorry I hurt you for I see now that I have, but I did not vidio xnxx mean for it to be like this." Jack watched his Mother's tears with a detachment born of a soul deep fury. "I will give you one sex video chance, Mother. Reverse the spell, right now. Return me to normal, give me back the life *I* want for me instead of the one xvideo *you* want for me and I will not do anything to prevent having children. Otherwise, live with the fact vidio xnxx that you have ended our line with your gleeful lack of concern for my wants and dreams." If anything, the tears flowed harder. Last night, Laurie could have reversed the Transformation. She could have given her son back the life he evidently wanted enough to threaten her this way. Now, that was beyond even her power because the final spell she had cast upon his "request" xvideo for "more time" had been very carefully crafted so that only Jacqueline could tamil xnxx reverse it. Which she could not do until she had learned the lessons and xnxx com the magic necessary to effect mom xnxx and control the Transformation Spell on her own. Lessons that included giving birth and nurture to a child she xnxx indian now insisted she would never permit to be born. Goddess, what *had* she done? "I have to leave." Laurie sobbed and ran from the room leaving a xnxx .com furious former son, now daughter, behind. Twenty minutes later, a starkly composed Laurie returned to find Jack exactly as she had left her. She was simply sitting there, staring at the picture album. Goddess, but her son made a beautiful xnxx arab woman. Dark hair, xxx xnxx dark flashing eyes and an olive complexion gave hints to the family's Gypsy ancestry. In the right period costume, the girl would have looked right at home in their Great Great Great Grandmother's caravan wagon, dancing to the rhythm of a tambourine for the coins men would toss her way and telling fortunes by fire light. And the son she had given birth to hated the very thought of that. Probably hated her, too, for her part in it. Still, there was nothing more she could do about it. xxxx Laurie had spent the last fifteen minutes pouring over her ancestral texts, looking for a charm or potion or spell that would undo what she free porn had done, but to no avail. She had done her work far too well in that respect and evidently not well enough in the sense of easing xxxx her child's acceptance of this change as the wonderful gift Laurie had seen it as. Now, she had no choice. She had to play this debacle out the only way she had left to xnxx porno her and hope, that xnnx in the end, she did not lose her child in the process. With great care, she xnxx korea walked back to her seat across from nxxn her daughter and sat down. "I cannot undo the Transformation, Jack. I have gone through all my records, and no one except the Transformed One has ever been able to reverse the change successfully." "So, others have found the change not to their liking?" The comment was snide and was meant to wound. Laurie xnxx movies did her best to ignore it. Instead, she steeled herself not to rise to xnxx japanese the spite in Jack's voice. There was nothing to be gained at this point by fighting. "According to my family records, there have been xnxx mom fifty male to female Transformations attempted in our family over the past two hundred years. Of that number, five men refused the final Transformation and were sex videos restored to their masculine state at the end of xnxx com the first hour. Of the remaining cases, five members of our xnxx com/ family who completed Transformation attempted to reverse the spell. The xnxx movies three who completed the learning succeeded xnxx video in undoing Transformation and lived out their lives as men. However, the other two who tried to reverse the spell were not successful. One attempted the change before completing all the steps of the learning, and the other forced his mother to attempt xnxx korea a counter-spell. Both died." Jack sat back, legs akimbo, in a posture of utter male dejection. It made sunny leone xnxx Jacqueline look completely ridiculous and rather lewd, but Laurie bit her lip and said nothing. Trying to xxnxx enforce the little niceties of ladylike deportment would not help Laurie's weak case with her daughter. Jacqueline looked up, vina garut xnxx her black eyes bleak and filling with tears. "Then it is xxn over. I know you won't attempt it because you won't kill japanese xnxx me, but xnxx porn in truth, I am not sure I wouldn't rather be dead right now." "That is enough!" Laurie's ringing rebuke stunned Jack. "I will apologize one more time for my stupidity in xnxx video thinking you might be intelligent enough, open enough, to appreciate what I did for you. However, you are alive. You are a xnxx. beautiful, intelligent human being who happens to be female and that *can* xnxx teen be temporary. You have the potential to undo xnxx stories what you find so absolutely distasteful if you will only quit whining and get free porn on with what must be done. You don't know xnxx indonesia video porno anything about the power you could wield, but just so you might begin to understand, consider this. You say I have stolen your dreams, that I am denying you the opportunity to go to college as a male. If you complete the training and if you xnxxx master the skills I will teach you, there is no reason that you cannot Transform yourself into xnxx videos your male self, at any age you desire. You want to sex videos be an eighteen year old again, then make it so when you perform the Transformation Spell on yourself. It will be within your capabilities." "And all I have to do is learn sex your little magicks xnxx com and do your little tests, is that it? Which indian xnxx you have already said I will find distasteful. Let's not forget that." "No, in your current mind set, I imagine they will be bloody awful for you, but that cannot be helped. It is the only way that I can find in my records to undo what I have done without causing your death. For my part, I give you my most solemn oath site xnxx that I will teach you everything you need to know as quickly as you can absorb and master the knowledge. In return, I want your promise that you will do nothing to try and accelerate your return to manhood. I won't teach you without that promise sex xnxx because, while I don't want to live with your unhappiness on my conscience, I refuse to be the cause of your death." Jack considered that. Laurie wanted to squirm under the power of her unblinking stare. Goddess, but would Jacqueline be powerful once she xnxx tv learned to focus her craft. Finally, Jack drew herself up and spoke. "Very well, Mother. I agree and you have my promise on that score. Just one other thing, though. If I ever am given cause to believe xnxx stories that you are not being completely truthful with me again, or that you are playing games with me, I will leave and never come back. I will live the xnxx. com rest of my days as you have made me, but with one small change. I will have myself surgically sterilized so that this ends with me." She is striking out, trying to hurt me, as she has been hurt, Laurie thought. She shook her head. This was going to be so very hard. Why had it japanese xnxx not been hard for japanese xnxx her and her mother? What had she done wrong with her own, beloved nxxn child? "Well. I guess that tells me what you really think of me. I could say that our family tradition says that I have done nothing to deserve that, but there are exceptions to every sunny leone xnxx rule xnxxx and you evidently are the one that xxx proves it." She shrugged. No sense in avoiding the worst of it. "Very well. I will agree to your condition subject to one of my own. I cannot tell xnxx desi you everything. The xnxx jav tasks you must undertake xnxx gay have lessons that xnxx tv you must xxx xnxx learn yourself. If I tell you what is going to occur in those cases, then you might as well not do them and you porn will not achieve your goal. You will simply have to trust me on this or we can go no further. You would lose your chance to master the Transformation Spell." "Trusting you right now is difficult, Mother." xnxxcom Jack watched as www xnxx her arrow xnxx teen shattered her mother's hard won calm, as she had intended it to do. Oddly, she felt a little ashamed. "All right. I agree to your condition, but my statement stands. Any other little non-truth and it is all over for you, for me and for whatever hope of family continuity you still might harbor." "I cannot let you do that, Jack. That xnxx app is your male ego talking and I will not permit you to do something that stupidly harmful to yourself just to lash out at me. If you attempt to leave, and if xxx videos you follow https // wwwxnxx through with your threat, I will use my magic to stop you. You know I can influence minds and I will make it impossible for you to take such a horrible step." The hopeless shrug from her daughter nearly broke Laurie's heart. "You must do what you think you have to do, Mother, as must I. You've already https // taken away the things I thought xnnn I wanted, why not my free xnxx indian will, as well. Seems that would be the simplest thing all around. Abra Kadabra, Bibbity Bobbity Boo and Jack is a happy Jill. Or Jacqueline. No more muss or fuss. Must be easy xnxx. as pie for a wheeler-dealer xnxx sex spell caster like xnxn you." Laurie's answer was all but inaudible. "If I do that, you will xnxx tamil never xnxx hot wield magic because once a mind is opened to magical suggestion, it is open forever. You cannot xxnx shield it against someone else's influence. Only free minds can xnxx/ focus xnxx selingkuh the power of the Goddess. If I take away that choice, you will be Jacqueline for the rest of your life." She saw the 'so what' look in her daughter's eyes and hardened her heart and her voice. "The only difference between my way and your way, sweetie, is xnxx anime that I *will* have my grandchild. If you force me to take your mind, xnxx barat I will xnxx. com go all the way and turn you into the perfect wife and mother. I swear it! If your children are all I can have of you, then I will have them." Jack was strangely unresponsive in light of her ultimatum. Laurie waited for her to videos xnxx say something, but she didn't. Finally, Jack stood and looked down at her Mother. "I guess that says it all. xnxx desi You porno xnxx hold all the cards. If I don't do as you say, I end up as I am - a baby farm for future generations of witches. Your kindness and concern for my feelings in all this almost makes me wish we lived in Salem. When do we start, www xnxx Mother-darling?" The cruel remark and the sarcasm dripping from what had been her son's xxnn favorite endearment cut at her soul like a barely sharp knife, leaving ragged bleeding bits in its wake. She would xnxx videos not cry, xnnn not again. Not in front of xnxx indo her. "Tomorrow," she rasped out. "I need some time to prepare and to fix things like those records you mentioned. You need some time to deal with the anger in xxx your soul. Tomorrow is soon enough." Probably too soon, she thought, but the early lessons would be the indo xnxx easiest, and Laurie would be the one who decided when xnxx barat the objectives vina garut xnxx xnxx hot of those lessons had been achieved. "Very well, Mother. I will be in the garden." and sunny leone xnxx with that, Jacqueline turned on her heel and strode to the garden. The absurd picture of it drew forth a watery chuckle from Laurie xnxx asia after the door slammed behind Jack. She xnxx cina had looked so silly trying to walk like a man in that compact, curvy body. Bouncing like that probably hurt like hell. porn Well, dealing with her first brassiere was a milestone in any girl's life. Only most girls started with training bras fitted over a dreaming young girl's hopeful almost-bumps. Her daughter had to face a garment intended for a xnxx sex videos grown woman and was going to wwwxnxx have to fit it over fully formed B or C cup sized breasts. How was she going to pull this off, she asked herself again. How was she going to get her child through all the training, all the lessons that she would need to come into the fullness of her powers? Especially when the entire process had to culminate with the ultimate expression of the woman-power, the giving and nurturing of life? site xnxx Somehow, she had to manipulate her child into accepting . . . no, that was not enough. Her child had to glory in his new found womanliness in order to gain the power. Somehow. Sighing, she rose from her seat and headed for her library. First things first, xxx video she reminded herself, wearily. She needed to make a place in this strange new world for her daughter. There were records to change and memories to adjust before Jacqueline could take Jack's place. After that, she would have to go clothes xnxx selingkuh shopping. Jack could get xnxx japan by video porno on sweats and castoffs for today, but she xnxx asia would need enough real clothes to get started tomorrow, and Laurie's own wardrobe would not do for her daughter. For one thing, her xnxxx stuff was xnxxcom not appropriate for a teenager, and for another, her things would probably not sex xnxx fit Jack. Laurie's experienced fashion-eye told her that Jacqueline was slimmer in the waist and bigger in the bust than her Mother. What a waste, she thought, casting xnx such lovely pearls before xxx videos such a www.xnxx male chauvinist swine. Well, it was her job to xnnx help her daughter learn to appreciate he